How to Unlock All Characters In Smash 4?

How to unlock all characters in smash 4 – is a big question for smash players, We give a clear idea about unlocking all characters in smash 4.

How To Unlock All Characters In Smash 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a massive game in terms of content and character roster. The series features a total of 74 beloved fighters. Though you can’t access all characters right off the bat, you can expand your roster as you grind your way up.

A couple of tips listed below reveal how to unlock all characters in ssbb. You’ll also see how to unlock some characters as fast as possible.

How to Unlock All Characters In Smash 4?

If you want to skip the pains and hassles of unlocking smash 4 characters, then you can use these three ways: playing the “Classic Mode,” through the “Challenger’s Approach,” or via adventure mode, World of Light.

How To Unlock All Characters In Smash 4

Classic Mode:

Super smash bros. starts you off with a decent amount of eight (8) characters, including Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, and Yoshi. With any of these characters, you can grind the classic mode.

After completing the Classic Mode run, the next character to be unlocked will show up as an Approaching Challenger. If you lose a Challenger battle, there’s a way to rematch against the Challenger (more on this later).

In short, Classic Mode moves you closer to the Challenger’s Approach” mode, where you can unlock a new character.

Challenger’s Approach:

After you’ve lost a battle against an unlockable character, the Challenger’s Approach rematch will be available after a couple of minutes. You can find this in the Games & More menu. You can choose any of your characters to rematch the unlockable fighter. If you’re successful, then your roster becomes plus one!

To increase your chances of winning a rematch, it’s best to use a character you’re familiar with.

World of Light:

Adventure Mode, the world of light, is another way to unlock characters. Though this method takes time, you will save time and effort by choosing the right Spirits. The best rule of thumb is to select a Spirit that’s strong against the one you’re fighting against.

The special effect the Spirit has must also be considered. For example, some Spirits can turn the battlefield into lava. To neutralize or reduce the damage sustained from such Spirit, you’ll need a more stringer spirit.

When you cannot decide the Spirit to use, go to the Spirit selecting screen and press Y to let the game auto-select one for you.

Sample Characters and How to Unlock Them:

  • To unlock Wario, complete 20 fights in Smash mode or play 100-Man Smash.
  • For Falco, complete Classic mode on any difficulty or go through 10 matches.
  • To unlock Lucina, you’ll need to complete 30 matches in Smash mode or Classic mode on 5.5 difficulties or higher.
  • Dark Pit requires you to play 40 battles in Smash mode or complete All-Start mode on Normal difficulty.
  • To unlock R.O.B, finish 10 or above turns in Crazy Orders or complete 60 matches in Smash mode.

That’s a couple of ways on how to unlock all characters in Smash 4. With the small selection of characters you have, you can unlock as many characters as you can. To make things easier, always try to use a strong character, with which you’re familiar.

What characters have you unlocked recently? Let me know in the comment section below.

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