How to Use Xbox One Controller on Xbox 360

So, you are an ardent fan of Xbox, right? And want to play Xbox 360 using the controller of Xbox one.

Okay. That is an excellent idea. But you need to know certain details before knowing it. This post will clarify the matter to the readers.


Let’s start walking towards it.

What is Xbox One?

Tech giant Microsoft developed Xbox. And Xbox one is the third generation of this gaming consoles. It was developed in 2013 and then gained huge popularity globally.

Being an all-in-one entertainment system, the device has numbers of features. Interestingly, the device was the competitor of PlayStation 4.

The configuration of the device is up to the mark. It also comes with a D-Pad, triggers, remodeled body and more. Cloud computing is another feature here.

For all such features, it gained a huge positive feedback.

What is Xbox 360? 

It is the successor of Xbox one with some more features. Formally inaugurated in 2005, it is the competitor of PlayStation 3. It has several features including online gaming, subscription based varieties and more.

Further, you can access third party content using the device, too. The wireless controller is another advantage for Xbox 360. In fact, you can use it as a living-room entertainment.

How to Use Xbox One Controller on Xbox 360?

Thank you for eagerly waiting and reading the post.

But this time, you are going to be disappointed. In fact, there are no ways to use Xbox one controller with Xbox 360.


The key reason is the compatibility issue. The devices are not compatible or interchangeable. Therefore, the devices are not compatible with each other. So, you cannot use a part of it to the other.

So, this time, you cannot use Xbox one controller with the Xbox 360. The parts are not compatible. Besides, the configurations of the devices are different too. Thereby, you are unable to use the accessories of Xbox one to Xbox 360.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Xbox one play movies?

Of course, Xbox one can play movies. This is a special feature of this device. But you need to download an app for this features. And the download is not a big deal as well. Search the internet to get the compatible app for this purpose.

Are there any country issues with Xbox one?

No, there are no such issues. Xbox one is a region-free device. It means that you can use the device at any part of the globe. You can enjoy all the features of the device including playing games and enjoying movies.

Can I use Xbox 360 without a monitor?

Sorry, this is not possible. You need a monitor or some output device. Otherwise, you cannot see what is happening. Moreover, you cannot enjoy the games at all as you cannot see. So, the output device is a must while using an Xbox 360.

Can I use my laptop to play Xbox 360?

Of course, you can use your laptop while playing Xbox 360. But for using the laptop, you will need some additional accessories. You need to connect your laptop with the Xbox 360 console. But you cannot access the internet as long as the Xbox is connected with the laptop.

So, do not worry about that.

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