How to Watch Movies on Ford Sync 4

If you’re looking for a way to watch movies on your Ford Sync 4 system, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the correct hardware. Most newer vehicles come with the necessary hardware, but if yours doesn’t, you can always upgrade.

Once you have the right hardware, you’ll need to download the Ford Sync 4 app onto your smartphone or tablet. After that, it’s just a matter of connecting your device to the Ford Sync 4 system and following the prompts.

  • Start by turning on your Ford vehicle and ensuring that the SYNC 4 system is powered on
  • Next, use the SYNC 4 touch screen to navigate to the Apps menu and select “Films & TV
  • Once you’re in the Films & TV app, you can browse through a variety of movies and television shows that are available to watch
  • Simply select the title that you want to watch and press “play”
  • The movie or TV show will begin playing on your SYNC 4 system’s display
  • You can control playback using the touch screen or voice commands
  • For example, you can pause, fast forward, or rewind by saying “Pause,” “Fast forward,” or “Rewind”
  • When you’re finished watching, press the “Back” button on the touch screen to return to the main menu

Can You Watch Netflix on Sync 4?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on SYNC 4. In order to do so, you will need to connect your SYNC 4 system to a compatible smart TV or streaming device. Once connected, you will be able to access all of your favorite Netflix content directly through the SYNC 4 interface.

What Apps Work With Ford Sync 4?

As of right now, there are not a ton of apps that work with Ford SYNC 4. However, the ones that do work are pretty great. Here is a list of some of the best:

– Pandora: This is a great app for streaming music. It works really well with Ford SYNC 4 and you can control it all from your car’s touchscreen display. – Spotify: Another excellent option for streaming music in your car.

Again, everything can be controlled from the SYNC 4 touchscreen. – iHeartRadio: A third good option for streaming music, this one also offers some talk radio stations if you’re interested in listening to those as well. Hopefully, more apps will start working with Ford SYNC 4 soon, but these are definitely the best ones available right now.

Can You Screen Mirror on Sync 4?

Yes, you can screen the mirror on SYNC 4. When you connect your phone to SYNC 4, it will automatically start screen mirroring. You can also use the Ford+Alexa app to control SYNC 4 hands-free voice commands and access many of the same features as you would with Amazon Alexa.

How Do I Get Netflix on My Ford Screen?

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your Ford screen.

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your Ford is equipped with SYNC 3 software version 2.2 or higher.

    You can check your software version by pressing the Menu button on your SYNC 3 touch screen, then selecting Settings > System Information.
  2. On your smartphone, open the Netflix app and sign in (if you’re not already signed in).
  3. Connect your smartphone to your Ford via a USB cable.

    If you have an iPhone, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of the Ford+Alexa app.
  4. On your Ford touchscreen, select Apps > Entertainment > Netflix. If prompted, enter the 4-digit code that appears on your touch screen into the Netflix app on your smartphone (this will link the two devices).
  5. That’s it! You should now see the Netflix interface on your Ford touchscreen, and you can start watching shows and movies!

Sync 4 Hidden Features

Most people are familiar with the basics of Ford’s Sync 4 infotainment system, but there are a few hidden features that may not be as well known. Here are four Sync 4 hidden features that you’ll love:

  1. Voice-activated navigation – With Sync 4, you can simply say “Navigate to [destination]” and your vehicle will start routing your trip.

    No need to fiddle with the touchscreen or enter an address manually.
  2. Over-the-air updates – One of the best things about Sync 4 is that it receives regular over-the-air updates, so you’ll always have the latest software version without having to do anything. Plus, new features and capabilities are constantly being added through these updates.
  3. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration – If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can take advantage of all the great features of those platforms while using Sync 4 in your car. Everything from music streaming to hands-free calling and text messaging is supported.
  4. Waze integration – If you’re a fan of the Waze traffic and navigation app, good news – it works seamlessly with Sync 4!

You can even use voice commands to control Waze, making your commute even easier.


If you’re one of the many people who own a Ford car with Sync 4, then you might be wondering how you can watch movies on your vehicle’s screen. Luckily, it’s actually quite easy to do. All you need is a USB drive that contains your movie file and an adapter that will allow you to plug the drive into your car’s cigarette lighter port.

Once you have those two things, simply follow these steps:

  1. Plug your USB drive into the adapter and then plug the adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter port.
  2. Press the “Home” button on your Ford Sync 4 system.
  3. Select the “Media” icon from the main menu.
  4. Choose “USB.” This will bring up a list of all of the files on your USB drive.
  5. Find the movie file that you want to watch and select it. The movie will start playing automatically on your car’s display screen!

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