How to Install The Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission?

There are so many ways in which you may easily track your phone. The tools innovated and give us access to this process. in most cases, many people still don’t know how to install the best phone tracker app without permission. 

How to Install The Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Phone Tracker App

Let me figure out how it has to be!  The main role is played by GPS technology. Under this technology more or less everyone comes under the shed of tracking. That means GPS allows our phones to track where it is in real-time. 

Keeping this in mind, some brilliant developers in the world have already brought this process into the light. Therefore, we will easily do this using some amazing apps. In this process, a single cell phone number would be easily tracked no matter in what location it posses. 

If you come to know the hacks of it, then make sure you come to know some of the apps. Since we will introduce you to those 5 top apps, so stay tuned. 

Top 5 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Are you looking for the best phone tracker apps that won’t take permission? Then don’t look further, here are some of the outstanding apps we will talk about. 


When it comes to choosing the best spy app software, the first one that comes up our mind is FlexiSPY. It has gotten some tremendous knack over the interface that will allow you to track your targetted cell phone number in no time. 

Amazingly, it comes with some great features that will blow your mind. It is considered to be the best deal on the spy app market since it can activate easy tracking targets. 

If we will give you some of the lists out of this then you will easily get to know about it. Well, once you will install this app then you will need to target any of the numbers in which you will need to merge up. That being said, it will be authenticated with your device. 

You may do this for other devices insanely. This way, you may easily capture the whole process of other devices. You may easily spy on the camera like what photos the device has been taken by its owner. You will get notified of which areas the number belongs to and the movement as well. 

If you consider the app in your mind, then you may easily buy it online since it is affordable. All you need to spend is just $68 per month. For regular usage, the better plan would be a yearly plan, which costs like $149. 

KidsGuard Pro App

KidsGuard Pro has an amazing knack for the tracking process using GPS Technology. It comes with a view to providing tracking service for your kids. In recent days, many parents feel tensed like where their kids are hanging out, especially when they are at the office. This amazing tool will help you to see whether your kids are safe or not. 

Moreover, this will tell you the location histories like where your kids were. You may easily get access to the phone and its contents like browser, photos, messages, and other history. Don’t worry, this is including with the social media platform as well, for example, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, and many more. 

GPS Tracker App

Google Maps is the first and feasible tool to track your family members in no time. If you are an android user, you may easily use this app at your default setup. It allows you to share a live location or live tracking easily. 

If you want to use the app to share with your beloved ones then you may easily hit the button to share. However, this app won’t let you share personal data like text messages, photos, etc. 

This app is fun and interactive for the riders because they may track your vehicle and the destination. So you can see this app is pretty popular for travelers and it can show the exact results as well. The estimated time and the distance between your vehicle and the place seem accurate. 


If spying is your key concern and you are looking for such a powerful tool then think about mSpy. It allows you to unveil much information on your targetted cell phones, this is why it is built. 

So basically, it operates for stealing information and that’s why you will get to see the stealth mode to track from your Android or iOS devices. The main functionality is to work behind the screen and sneak into the information, once it grabs all then this will continuously send you so. 

Through the stealth mode feature, it becomes a great tool so it can hack into any system like any social apps. It can bring almost any data from any device and effectively. The interface is very easy to room around and you can perform all the commands at great convenience. 


The last one on our list is the best one since FamiSafe claims itself as the number 1 app while tracking any phone. Because they organize the interface and stealth mode system in such a way, the target person won’t be able to crack it. Moreover, this amazing tool comes with such an interface that will give you the room to roll on the easy mode of action while surfing. 

Among many features, the geofencing feature is the best pick as it is considered to be the most important feature of FamiSafe. Due to having this feature, it may easily sneak into your kid’s device and let you know every information like where they are in and what sort of stuff they are doing over the phone. 

Apart from that, this app blocks websites, that being said, if you want to block a few certain websites from your kid’s devices then you may also perform so. Besides, you may easily track the browser’s history, to whom your kid is chatting, to whom your kid is calling, and many more. 

The nasty apps and games will be easily blocked if you allow your app to do so. Let me figure out how it would be, the process would be done by some keywords. So if you listed some keywords with the app then this app will automatically block the browsing or youtube searching using those keywords, which seems pretty effective. 

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