iOS Meeting Apps Guide 2020

With the continuous trends for online-meetings, current social distancing, and the chances that people will spend less time offline, apps for meeting potential partners are what we cannot do without. Today, you are either registered on several meetings apps, or you are not in the love game at all. Here is the list of the most vital and trusted meetings apps iOS users should be familiar with if they are in an active search of the second half.


Emotions are causing the rush of adrenaline, both positive and negative. So why not make people acquainted and make them feel an emotional connection based on this phenomenon? This application unites people who hate the same things because hatred makes people closer too. Upon registering, you are given a list of things and should choose which of them you hate, or you can search the topics as well. Those are the ultimate “interests” used in other apps, but here, the matching is made based on what you dislike, not like. The developers of Hater thought their idea was ridiculous when they first came up with it. But every wild idea has a chance, and Hater proves that this concept was what the audience needed.


A Roman Sidorenko’s startup for Russian women meetings which was a small step for a meetings industry but a giant leap for mankind. It allowed people to be more open about their intentions and made progress in a hookup culture. Today, this is one of the most popular apps for short-term relationships, meetings and connections out there. Pure has a huge user base all over the world, and using it, you can find a partner for the night in practically any country. One of its advantages is complete anonymity. Only a user chooses what information to show and tell the others; the app doesn’t link the profile to Facebook, doesn’t show real names, phone numbers, or any personal details.


The perfect meetings application for the people of all genders and ages. It is simple, user-friendly, and it corresponds to the basic requirements people have to a meetings app. Badoo presents you the photos of users with their name and age; you can filter the search to see people only in your location or target a particular gender or age. Here, you have to swipe left to skip or right to “like” a person similarly to Tinder. In case you have a mutual sympathy, you can proceed to further communication. In fact, the users here are free to text, like, or “wink” at anyone. While in other apps, the chat often opens only in case of a match. Unfortunately, the feature of the photo search of users, when you could find a person who is similar to a celebrity or your friend by uploading a photo, has been recently removed from Badoo.


Another application for seeking one night stands, but it is more open and user-friendly than Pure. Here, you do have to not rely on trusting people as much as in anonymous apps. The service offers you an opportunity to get to know the person before meeting in real life. The concept is clear: why delaying what you both wait for. The users here find each other, show sympathy, and get down to business. Simply mark the individuals you like, and if they like you back, the chat opens. The “Daily Picks” section includes every day offers of people you may potentially like.


The twist to this app is the focus of your location. The founders of Happn believe that it is more convenient to meet with people who are in the same region as you, practically live in your district, and visit the same places. So, it follows the paths of users, and in case they cross with your roots, it matches you. This app is open, friendly, and has a sleek but modern mobile app available for iPhone users. If two people feel suspicious of meeting a stranger in a remote place, Happn gives them an opportunity to meet around where they live. It can be perfect for the citizens of the big cities who do not want to risk but would rather meet on a familiar spot.


The 21st century has been all about exploring ourselves and our desires. The founders of this kinky app believe people should give up their prejudices and finally open themselves to the experiments. “We go past the restrictions of monogamy and open the relationships – for new individuals and new experiences.” An application for the people who seek new sexual connections and want to try something new. They can share their fantasies and meet with those who are willing to implement the same. But, of course, the developers warn people that health and security are the responsibility of the users. The app cannot provide a safe environment for offline meetings, and this is not their obligation. Stay on alert and download Newpl for new spicy experiences!

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