How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID?

How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID – Quick Tips For Beginners

Do you know the importance of Apple ID?

Well. This is an important issue. But not many Apple users are aware of it. In fact, most of them do not have any idea about the Apple ID.

You need this identification for numerous reasons. When you want to purchase something virtually, you need this ID. Also, it helps preventing the theft of your phone.

While preparing the ID, you need to provide some necessary information. The information includes your personal details, billing information and credit card details.

But do you know How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID?

If the answer is negative, you need to check this post. Here, you will get the necessary ideas about the matter. So, let’s explore them and dig out the information we need.

How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID?


This is a simple process. Experts recommend to select the payment method when you make the Apple ID.

However, not to worry. You can still do this. Follow the steps. And remove your credit card information from your Apple ID.

Step 1

Open Settings

Take your device. Open Settings option in the device. Then, you have to select the iTunes & App Store. Check that you will have several options. But you need to go to the Apple ID. Usually, Apple ID is located on the top of the list.

Step 2

Verify your account

As the second step, you have to verify your Apple account. You need to provide the password. To some devices, you may need to use your Touch ID for the verification. If the Touch ID is verified, you will get a “Ting” sound.

Step 3

Go to Payment Information

In the Payment Information section, you will have several options. This is the place where the billing information is stored. You need to edit this option for making any change.

So, select the Edit option and edit them. If you do not want to use your credit card, tap on the None option. It will remove your credit card from the ID. Once have made the chances, tap on the Done option.

The process is complete.

Importance of Apple ID

If you are an Apple device user, it is a must that you should have an Apple ID. The ID ensures that you will get certain services from Apple.

Moreover, if you want to access in iCloud, Apple ID is necessary. The ID is a unique one and protects your phone from being stolen. Besides, using the Find My iPhone, you can track your device.

Simultaneously, you can synchronize more than one device using this Apple ID. The ID allows you to make purchase from the stores. If you want to sync photos to iCloud, that is possible too.

Further, when the Apple ID is active, this is not possible for anyone to use your phone. It is impossible to reset or use the iPhone with a new account. They will need the ID and password to make changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have an Apple ID?

Of course, this is a highly important issue. In fact, an Apple ID is an inevitable part of your device. Most importantly, you need it to get privileges like purchasing from virtual store, solid protection, among others.

What type of data do I need to provide to open apple id?

While opening an Apple ID, you need to provide certain types of data to Apple. You have to provide your full name, mailing address, phone number(s), debit or credit card information, etc.

However, be assured that the data is safe. Apple never shares the date of its clients to any third-party. Instead, you will get many added advantages. For instance, you can get back your phone if lost. Track the location of the device and many more.

How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID?

Well. In that cases, you are suggested to check this post. The post is all about the process of removing credit card information from your apple id. Follow the steps.

How to create an apple id?

Creating an Apple ID is easier and a smooth process. In fact, this is completely free for the users. You can do it when your signing in to a new device.

While signing in, you will get an option to create the ID. If you have an existing ID, you need to enter it with the password. Or, if you do not have the ID, you need to tap on the Don’t have an Apple ID option. It will lead you to the next level.

Next, you have to tap on the Free Apple ID option. There, you are to provide the necessary information required by Apple. Provide your email address or you can get a free iCloud mail address for the next use. You are done.

Last Words

Hopefully, you now have the idea on How to Remove Credit Card from Apple ID. Do not worry after removal of the credit card information. Still you can purchase the free items from the Apple Store.

However, if you have any queries, feel free to ask. Use the comment box or you can directly mail us. We will get back you as fast as we can. And do not forget sharing the post. It may help others to know about the same process.

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