The Best Tech Gadgets Under $30

Who doesn’t love a good gadget? While you may be more into staying stocked up on the best tech necessities to keep yourself up-to-date and ready for anything in the increasingly digital world, gadgets bring a great blend of practicality, convenience, and fun to the table.

We’re sure some of the best tech gadgets under $30 from our list will soon become staples of your daily life, and you may even wonder how you ever did without them!

Reverse Help

For those of us with newer cars, things like reverse assist come in-built. However, with the global shortage in parts and a slowed economy leaving us tightening our belts where possible, not everyone is driving a car decked out with all the latest bells and whistles.

Luckily for us poor slobs, there’s something we can do to help. You can easily pick up a high-tech reverse-assist camera for under $30 at the moment. Keep your insurance premiums low, and make driving more fun with this nifty little gadget.

Laptop Cooling

As processors get more and more powerful, they also run hotter. While we already saw a push away from the word ‘laptop’ in favor of ‘notebook’ back in the early noughties as the rippling power of processors started burning people using them on their lap, today, a good cooling system for your laptop is essential.

Luckily, you can hook yourself up with everything you need to keep your processor happier, make your laptop run cooler (which will also keep it alive for longer), and add the convenience of better screen angles and a faster setup- all for under $30. A great laptop cooler that adds longevity to your expensive PC may be one of the best investments you ever make, so have fun finding the right match for your rig.

Power to the USB Ports

While most modern powerstrips, and even some new home constructions, have finally embraced the human need for more USB charging points in more convenient places, not all of us have made the upgrade yet. If you’re constantly running out of ways to charge your myriad of devices, stop and take a breath- because help is at hand!

Often called ‘power ports,’ these convenient little gadgets plug into your available AC outlets and bring extra USB charging (and surge protection) to the table. That’s worth $30, right?

Car Cellphone Holders

With more people relying on their phones for GPS tracking and navigation services, having a secure way to mount your phone in the car (or even on your motorcycle) is a must. After all, you shouldn’t be taking your eyes off the road to faff with a gadget, even if it’s a very important one!

While old-school in-car cellphone mounts were pretty bad, today you have a variety to choose from- and they’re all pretty cheap, too. Many now provide extra features, like screen stabilization and shock absorption, so go ahead and treat yourself!

Battery Backups and Power Banks

It’s not just our PCs that have gotten a whole lot more powerful! While the ability to do almost anything on your phone, from uploading a professional quality video to your socials to taking your holiday snaps, sending memes to those you love, and acting as a one-stop workstation for people on the road, renders our mobile the most important device we own, it is at a cost.

Modern phones chow through battery power, and with more cellphones using internal batteries, you can’t just swap them out or keep a spare. That’s why a great power bank or multi-charge battery backup is a modern-day essential for anyone whose life lies on their mobile phone. Make sure you grab yours today.

Smart Light Bulbs

Who hasn’t dreamed of a home you can control at the flick of a button, or even with your voice, without getting off the couch? Now that dream is a reality, and a cheap one, too. If you’re already running a smart home hub like Alexa, most modern smart lightbulbs easily pair up with these devices and bring a whole suite of new functionality to the table.

Change the color to suit your mood, dim the lights after a hard day, or change the mood of your home at a whim. It’s easier than ever to run a truly smart home that does what you need it to do effortlessly, so hop on this trend. Who switches off lights at the switch these days? Not you, with these nifty gadgets in the bag.

Biometric Locks

Gone are the days when your luggage or briefcase had to be secured by keys with locks. No need to faff around remembering security codes and pins, either. Today you can net yourself a biometric lock that opens with your fingerprints- and the price tag is tiny, too. Take your security to a new level of convenience as well as safety, and add these powerful little gadgets to your shopping cart today.

Magnetic Cable Clips

Our electronics make life a lot more convenient and comfortable. If you’d like to reclaim your desk from the cables splayed all over it, a magnetic cable clip is just what you’re looking for. Holding all out cables neatly to the side of the desk, this is cable management at its very best- and it doesn’t have to cost you, either. With the versatility of the magnetic pull to help you install these wherever you need them, you’ll soon have a tidy desk and a clean mind to focus on work and play without hassle.

What’s your favorite tech gadget under $30? Have any of these gadgets been a game changer for you? While many of these devices are known concepts, and you may even wonder why they’ve never been thought of before, their secret lies in their simplicity. Power up your life and put easy tasks on autopilot with the help of a gadget or two. Shh… we won’t tell if you don’t!

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