Top 10 Educational Android Games For Your Kids

Nowadays, kids are more interested in gadgets than toys. There is a decrease in outdoor games. So, children tend to spend their leisure time with either mobile or tabs or laptop.

Moreover, guardians themselves are using various android games as the medium of entertainment to keep their kids’ cheerful.

So, it will be very much appreciated if the parents choose educational android games for kids. And the games could be fascinating too.

Top 10 best educational android games for kids in 2020:

The kids can capture things more quickly than adults. Now we are in the technological era. We cannot but ignore the consumption of apparatus in our daily life.


Android Games For Your Kids


So, it is beneficial for both the parents and kids to use mobile or tab as a boon. There are numerous games on android phones that are quite informative.

So, we are offering 10 android games, which make learning more attractive to the kids.

1. ABC kids:

ABC Kids is among the best android games for 2020. You can have it on Google Playstore at free. This game is quite simple and structured for the younger kids around Kindergarten age.

The game teaches – how to read ABCs, how to learn English words easily. You can know the difference between upper case and lower case through this game.

Again, the game offers you gifts like in-game stickers after completing the tasks.

2. Duck Duck Moose games:

Duck Duck Moose is one of the developers with a cluster of educational Android games for kids on Google play.

Fish school, Duck Duck Moose, Reading, and Moose math – these are the best games. These games help and inform the kids about basic math, colors, shapes, reading, problem-solving, and so on. Again, you don’t need to pay to play the games.

3. Khan Academy kids:

If you are looking for something new, Khan Academy kids could be your choice. The developer is Khan Academy, which is quite prominent to the adults for free learning.

The kids’ version teaches a bunch of subjects like reading, literacy, language, math, logic, and expression. The parents are interested in choosing games at free of cost for their preschool up to kindergarten level kids.

4. codeSpark Academy:

When your little kid has a fascination for learning the basics about coding, the codeSpark Academy is there for you. Your child will gain real educational knowledge from doing the counting games.

After completing the puzzles, there are rewards too. You can have three profiles per game download. Again, there are no advertisements, and you can have it free of cost on Google play.

5. The Endless games:

Are you looking for a game that offers endless items? Then, ‘The Endless Games’ is there for your kids by the Developer Originator.

You can have – Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Endless Wordplay, Endless Numbers, and Endless Spanish. So, you can learn several elements like words, letters, reading, some mathematics, and foreign languages.

The game is suitable for younger kids. And this game is free, but you have to pay $29.99 to have extra content on the Endless reader.

6. PBS kids games:

PBS Kids are gaining popularity as a vast developer for its outstanding educational Android games. The PBS kids games app is full of numerous mini-games that have educational values.

You can learn science, math, reading and so on. And you get around 100 mini-games within free of cost. We recommend this one for your kids.

7. Bubadu kids games:

Bubadu is a developer studio that has numerous games. You can enjoy the majority of games at free of cost. But for some games, you have to pay at a low price.

These games are more likely for daily activities than educational learning. The kids can learn easily about feeding, clothing, bathing, etc.

8. Intellijoy:

Intellijoy is a developer that offers so many amazing games for the kids. The games are quite educational like ABC Letters, Kids Painting, Preschool Puzzles, etc.

The kids get to learn shapes, numbers, coloring, reading, solving puzzles, and so on. You can get the games free of cost. But some games cost 2$ to 3$, and the yearly subscription rate is quite 48$.

9. Masha and the Bear:

Masha and the Bear is the smartphone game version of the old tv show of Russia. There are about 13 mini-games to teach your child.

The games are quite eminent for the kids aging from 2 to 9. Google play has two versions of Masha and the Bear game. The second one is for puzzle solving.

10. Starfall:

The Starfall has a bunch of games that teach the kids how to read. The app assists in reading, comprehension, letters, and so on.

The website has several contents to revolve around literacy. You need to pay to have advanced stuff. To have a home membership, you need to pay 35$ per month.

Did you like the games stated above? I guess we should quickly go to the Playstore and install one of the games for your children.

Again, all these games are free educational android games. So, accumulate all the educational things for children in your smartphones. And have valuable time with your kids in the quarantine period.

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