How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM

It was a hot tiring day.

I was wondering to make a phone call using my WhatsApp. But my SIM card crashed. So, it invited unwanted trouble for me.

Amid such a situation, I phoned a friend of mine. To know how to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number or SIM.

And I was surprised to know the technique. Do you want to know that?

Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM

Check the texts below. You will get a comprehensive idea. Hopefully, it would be a lesson for you too.

However, after knowing the process, it was not a big deal for me. Now, I use WhatsApp without a SIM card. Or phone number. Let’s start exploring the facts.

What is WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is a cross-functional platform to share content, voice, and video messages. Using this app, anyone across the world can send and receive content.

The other important aspect is that it is free. You do not need any credit or other transactions. Therefore, the platform has gained huge popularity.

Owned by popular social platform Facebook Inc, this app has a huge demand. If you have a sim card and handset with an active internet connection, you can use it.

You can make phone calls, video calls. Also, you can transfer files, photos, and other documents. The condition is that the receiver should also have a WhatsApp account.

How to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number or SIM?

Well. There are several ways. Normally, you need a SIM card number to get attached to the app. Without a SIM card, you cannot enjoy the services.

But not worry if you do not have a SIM card.

The first condition of using WhatsApp is owning a SIM card. You need to open an account on WhatsApp. However, here you will have a guideline to skip this SIM card issue.

There are several methods. But I will share only the most efficient one. Here it is.

Method 1

The landline method

The landline method is the most preferable one. At present, almost every house has a landline telephone connection. Using that phone, you can easily set up WhatsApp.

You need to follow the standard verification method. Check the steps.

Step 1

Download the app

First, you have to download the app. No matter if you are an iPhone user or an Android user. Both platforms have access to this app. When you are an iOS user, download it from the App Store. Or, if you use Android, download it from the Google Play Store.

Then, install the app on your device.

Step 2

Set it up

Now, you have to set up the app. Launch the app. Provide all the necessary information including your name, country, and other details. It will ask for your phone number. Then, you have to put the landline number on the screen.

Now, you have to wait for the SMS verification failure process. It may take up to five minutes to complete the process. An SMS will be sent but your landline will not receive that. In fact, there are no such options.

Once the process ends, press the “Call Me” option. You will get a phone call on your land phone line.

Step 3

The final step

It’s the final step. Receive the phone call. There, you will get the verification code. Remember the code. And use it on the app screen. Your WhatsApp verification is complete.

You are all set to use WhatsApp even without using a SIM card.

However, there are some third-party apps available. But those are a bit complex. Therefore, I am skipping that part.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp

Do you know why people use WhatsApp? There are hundred of other similar apps. But why WhatsApp is on the top?

Well. The answer is simple. There is a good number of advantages to using WhatsApp. But the other apps have some sort of disadvantages. Let’s check the advantages below.

It’s free!

Many other similar apps may want you to subscribe. And for the subscription, you need to pay a certain amount of fee. But WhatsApp is completely free. There are no hidden charges.

Instant Communication

Further, if you have an active internet connection, you can communicate instantly. The receiver will receive your document, data, or voice messages instantly.

Easy Operation

Moreover, the operation of WhatsApp is easier. Even if you are a novice, you can operate the app. It takes little tech knowledge. However, the scenario is different from other apps.

Voice and Video Calls

Also, you can use the app for making voice and video calls. If you need, you can create groups and make group calls as well. The quality of both types of calls is excellent. There are fewer call drops and buffering while making video calls.

Document Transfer

For emergencies, you can send documents as well. However, there is a limit to sending documents at a time. You cannot send more than 100MB of files.

Simple Deleting

If you send a wrong message, you can instantly delete that within one hour of sending it. This is another great advantage, indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Import My Phone Contacts on My WhatsApp Number?

Of course, you can import all your phone contacts to your WhatsApp. This process is easier and more automated. They will automatically transfer the numbers – those who are using the same app.

Is WhatsApp Communication Secure?

Sure. WhatsApp communication is highly secure. It ensures an end-to-end encryption feature. Therefore, this is not possible to breach security. Hence, there are zero chances of leaking data and information.

Can I Use WhatsApp on My Desktop?

Yes. You can. This, in fact, is another top feature of WhatsApp. You can install the app on your desktop (download the desktop version). Follow the instructions and start using WhatsApp on your PC.

Is There Any Disadvantage of WhatsApp?

The bad news there is a minor disadvantage. You always need to be online. In a nutshell, you need an active internet connection always to use WhatsApp. Otherwise, it won’t be functional.

Can I Use WhatsApp Out of the US?

Sure. You can use it. No matter where you are. If you are connected to the internet, you can use it from anywhere in the world.

Last Words

Now, you know how to Use WhatsApp Without a Phone Number or SIM. So, you have a choice. You can use WhatsApp like a pro. Or, you can lose your bucks by making phone calls and using mobile internet data packs.

So, take the decision. I made my choice. And using WhatsApp without a SIM card for a long time. You can follow my example. And get easily benefitted.


Raymond Williams is a technology writer that lived with computers all his life. He is an expert character that writes articles about Windows, Gaming, Android, and How To Fixes.