What Does The Internet Think?

‘What Does The Internet Think’ is a website, or to be more precise, a little search engine that says it can tell the thoughts of internet users on a particular subject. You can plug in any term such as Soccer, Facebook, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, or any other topic you want.

What Does The Internet Think?

The website is downright simple to use – just enter a term and search. The site will then display results in percentages and arrange them into three categories of connotation: Positive, Negative, and Indifferent.

On the percentage bar, hits (also known as results) are displayed to the right of the percentage. The more hits (results), the more likely accurate the percentage becomes.

To process queries, “What does the internet think” made use of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for three years straight (2009-2012). From 2012 to 2014, only Bing was used. By April 2014, Google was reintroduced into the system and had been the only one left as Bing API is no longer free.

According to the “How it Works” section on the website, all search queries are double-quoted before sending them off to the search engine. This helps process the exact occurrence of the whole term or sentence.

The system, however, isn’t foolproof. In fact, the accuracy of the site has received the attention of critics since its launch.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, it isn’t a bad idea to catch some fun, so you may want to use this tool to brighten up a presentation or an article. But you don’t want to take it too seriously.

Have you tried ‘What does the internet think?’ What’s your opinion on the tool? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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