Why Does My Internet Keep Disconnecting?

Have you been wondering, “why does my internet keep disconnecting? This article thoroughly explained how to fix the abrupt internet disconnection issue.

Why Does My Internet Keep Disconnecting

Gone are the days when phone lines were used to connect to the internet. Today, Broadband has opposed the old “Dial-up” connection. Though technology has evolved, however, there’re still some ups and downs that you may face while browsing or connecting to the internet.

Why Does My Internet Keep Disconnecting?

With that, one key question asked by most net users is, “why does my internet keep disconnecting?” If your computer frequently disconnects from the internet, there are many possible reasons involved. This article will cover a couple of those likely problems.

Internet keeps disconnecting on mobile or PC:

Whether it happens on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, the internet disconnecting abruptly while browsing the internet can be annoying. Follow these troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

WiFi Hotspot:

When you’re out of the WiFi network range, this may lead to poor signal, causing your internet to connect and disconnect frequently.

If you’re on PC, then you can solve this problem by resetting your router or moving the main wireless router to a suitable space. You can also buy additional hardware repeaters to extend the router’s signal transmission.

When using a hotspot connection, move your tablet or smartphone closer to the hotspot device.In case you’re connected to a public WiFi network, connect to another one; who knows, you might have been stuck to a terrible network connection.

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Another common fix – whether on PC or mobile –is to check with your internet service provider (ISP) if there is a network issue in your area. Before calling your ISP, however, you may want to ask a friend in the same area to check if they’re facing the same problem.

If they are fine but your network is unstable, then contact your ISP. Their technical support can help run a line check or system checks to pinpoint issues between them and your computer.

Follow the suggestion below when you’re experiencing issues with your internet connection on a computer.

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Network Card:

You can experience connection issues when the network card is not positioned correctly on its seat. If you have the handyman skills, turn off and open your computer, remove the network card, and insert it back into the PCI slot, making sure it firmly seats into the slot. You can now test your internet connection.

Check also your manufacturer’s website for possible updates on WiFi router firmware or WiFi adapter driver.

WiFi Interference:

In case something is getting in the way of your connection, use tools likeScanFi, WiFi Monitor, NetSpot for Android, or WiFi Analyzer to check for any WiFi interference. If there is an obstruction, then move the router to a different place or set a fixed channel for your WiFi.

Interference By Virus Infection or Antivirus Program:

A malware or virus infection can render your internet unstable. Removing the malware with a virus removal tool should fix the issue. On the other hand, some antivirus programs have built-in security features that may cause internet connection instability.

Try disabling some settings to see if that would resolve the issue. Check, however, with your antivirus software program manufacturer to see if any setting or feature is absolutely necessary for your computer security. Disable settings (likely causing or contributing to the issue) that aren’t mandatory could solve the problem.

Corrupt Windows System Files:

It can be hard to determine when certain windows files (related to internet connectivity) are corrupt. You can, however, revert your system to a known working state using Windows restore point.

This is especially recommended when your internet connection starts to misbehave after you made some changes to your computer.


Using a substandard modem can also cause your internet to keep disconnecting. This type of modem will often overheat, causing your internet to become unstable.

One way to fix this is to turn off the modem, remove and let it cool down. Then you can plug it back in and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise, you may have to replace the cable modem.

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The Bottom Line:

With this guide, hopefully, you don’t have to keep asking, “why does my internet keep disconnecting?” But after trying all these suggestions and nothing seem to fix the problem, I suggest you seek expert assistance. Most of the time, however, this troubleshooting should fix the problem.

Were you able to fix your internet connection problem using one or two of the above suggestions? Do you have other ways that worked for you? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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